Muehlenberg Blows a Gasket

Well, it’s been a long and frustrating day on the same-sex marriage campaign trail, but there is a little ray of sunshine at the end of it:  that loud explosion you just heard was right-wing Catholic conservative Bill Muehlenberg blowing a gasket.  I think the reverberations of the explosion are still being felt in Moscow!

Poor old Bill is just starting to realise he’s the minority.  While he huffs and puffs and tries to blow the homosexual lobby down, he’s livid that the rest of Christendom really doesn’t give a shit.  Just 50-100 people turned up for the pro-traditional marriage rally today – versus a reported 10,000 in favour of same-sex marriage – and Bill is on the war path.

Further, in a move that’s likely to distance him and his ilk even further from the halls of power, he’s lashed out and called the Prime Minister “a fornicating, socialist atheist”.  With that kind of rancid rhetoric, Bill’s less likely to get invited to dinner at the Lodge than the Get-Up representatives from teh ‘Homosexual Lobby’ who paid $30,000 for their dinner invite and are still waiting … and waiting … and waiting.

Do go and read Bill’s blog, just for the chuckles.

When Darkness Descends Upon a Nation *

Don’t be put off by the ominous title – it’s a laugh a minute comic romp. Someone should make a movie of this blog post starring Jim Carrey. You’ll laugh until you cry – I promise!

Meanwhile, I can’t help imagining that Bill (pictured here):

Now looks very much like this:

Better watch that blood pressure, Bill.  We wouldn’t want to lose you.  Australia already has too few really funny comedy acts.

Chrys Stevenson

(fully paid up life member of teh Homosexual Lobby)

* Variety:  Muehlenberg is a comic genius – 5 stars!

* Three Little Pigs:  Amusing, but on balance we prefer the comic stylings of Jim Wallace – perhaps it’s a pig thing.

* Big Bad Wolf:  Muehlenberg stole my schtick!

15 thoughts on “Muehlenberg Blows a Gasket

  1. Doug Steley

    I heard the estimates for the anti gay marriage rally were 100 to 500 people

    The estimates for the pro gay marriage rally were 5,000 to 10,000

    I am guessing out if that number there were at least a few working class unionist who support same sex marriages.

  2. Jayel

    Goodness gracious me! That’s quite the dummy-spit from Mr Muehlenberg. LMAO!!!!
    Obviously he doesn’t realise that he will alienate a huge number of people with such venomous bile – or maybe he does and just doesn’t care. Either way, he needs to have a nice cup of tea and a lie down. I find it astonishing that there really are people who think that way and I am so sorry that gay and lesbian people are exposed to this viciousness. I don’t think I can even begin to imagine how that makes them feel.

  3. muddabikes

    Thanks Chrys,
    You’ve made my day.
    I always appreciate the chance to see good christian deeds displayed by those who are the chosen few. (Heavy sarcasm intended).
    You were right on the money, it was a very funny artice and it gladdens my heart to see my fellow Orstralians starting to treat this sort of bile with the contempt it deserves.
    In a wierd sort of roundabout way, the people of this country are actaully doing the jesus-type-thing by voting in favour of gay-marriage and not listening to the venom of Mr Muehlenberg and his ilk. Could we actually be starting to treat each other with love and acceptance as the good bits of the bible tries to promote? Heaven (pun intended) forbid!

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  5. Annie

    I left a comment on his blog…I am feeling brave today..ah to hell with it. Someone has to balance out the vicious diatribe.
    On ya, Chris!!

  6. Phil Browne

    He seems to hate everyone, even his fellow Christians.
    Sadly though these people are far more serious at writing to, ringing, and meeting their MP’s. and this gets the over-representation they get from MP’s.

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  8. Ken Wood

    I don’t think anybody who disagrees with him will have their comment posted on his site.

  9. Mitch

    Thanks for this post, Chrys – had an up and down weekend following the ALP conference but Bill’s rant, and the comic book villainy plainly on display therein, has really made me see the farce in the anti-equality brigade. I needed that 🙂

  10. Debra

    Oh my goodness me. Did you see how he replied to the man whose gay son committed suicide? What a very nasty piece of work. I shouldn’t have gone to that snake pit – I feel quite disturbed.

  11. Debra

    I just sent him this email:

    “Bill, it is well-known that those who are most aggravated by gay people are repressed homosexuals themselves. Learn to accept who you are and find salvation in the arms of the man you love. I wish you happiness.”

    1. Jayel

      …and I think the word to describe him when he read that would be ‘apoplectic’!!

      It’s all very well to have a nuclear non-proliferation treaty, but perhaps the world needs to consider a ‘vicious religious fundamentalist non-proliferation treaty’…

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