Muehlenberg Goes too Far

My cousin often says (mimicking his mother), “It’s all good fun until someone loses an eye.”  And so it is with me poking fun at the horrendous Bill Muehlenberg.

Yes, Muehlenberg’s rant on the ALP changing their platform in favour of same-sex marriage yesterday was hilarious.  But now it has turned deadly serious.

Here is a comment posted to Muehlenberg’s blog post from a Christian father who lost his gay son to suicide – and Muehlenberg’s heartless response.  This is extremist Christianity at its finest.  I really don’t think this needs any further commentary except to say my deepest sympathies are with Mr Sutherland and his family.

Michael Sutherland – 4.12.11 / 7pm

I too am a christian and I used to believe that same as you, but just last year my own son, Jeremiah, took his life because he was gay and knew that none of his friends or me and my wife would accept him.

I have since then changed my position on the issue, I would have much rathered I have my son with me today and for him to be able to face gods judgement and have a chance to repent, than for him to have taken his own life and go straight into satans lair.

I’m sorry to see that you all feel that love is a bad thing. There isn’t much of it left in the world and I say we should promote as much love as possible, whether that be heterosexual love or homosexual love. You say that it will harm our children to know that it’s okay to be gay, in fact the opposite is true.
I hope that everyone here takes a good look at what they’re saying and how they speak to their own children. For me it was too late, but it’s not too late for you. Only God can pass judgement on others, it is not up to us to do so.

Michael Sutherland

Bill Muehlenberg 4.12.11 / 8pm: [emphasis added]

Thanks Michael

We can all sympathise and pray for this, as it is a difficult matter indeed. But it is quite remiss of you to take a personal tragedy and seek to get political mileage out of it, to push an agenda, or to seek to lay a guilt trip on those who disagree with you. I and my readers know nothing of your situation so of course we cannot comment on it. No one begrudges your concerns over what happened, but I for one must still call your bluff.

The biblical truth on homosexuality did not result in this sad situation. So don’t seek to make us somehow responsible. If a loved one of mine embraced this lifestyle I would of course still love him or her, but I would also tell them the truth about this dangerous, high-risk and unhealthy lifestyle. You say you “did not accept him”. Again, I know nothing of your situation, so it is unfair to expect me to say anything on this, but one can accept and love a person while not approving of a dangerous lifestyle. I can love a drug addict or alcoholic while strongly disproving of the actions which are killing these people.

And we know that homosexuals have all sorts of problems which are due to the lifestyle itself, not because of social disapproval. For example, homosexual suicide rates are just as high in places where it is fully accepted (eg., Sydney or San Francisco or Amsterdam) as anywhere else. So disapproval (even by parents) is not at all the core cause of suicide here.

If you claim to be a Christian then you should know that love has absolutely nothing to do with lust, or with mere feelings, or with violating God’s principles of human sexuality. Indeed, real biblical love has to do with keeping God’s commandments, not openly and defiantly breaking them and defying them.

And any parent will want what is best for their children. A lifestyle which basically guarantees a shortened life is not best for any child. A loving parent will do all they can to keep their children out of such a lifestyle, and tell them the truth about it. They certainly will not falsely and unbiblically say that all loves are the same.

Indeed, as one commentator just said elsewhere: “Heterosexual couplings are not identical to homosexual couplings. Heterosexual couplings are the sorts of couplings required for the continuation of our species. Strangely, the gay crowd already has a term for this: ‘breeders,’ which is often used pejoratively in reference to heterosexuals. It is inconsistent to insist on redefining marriage under the ‘marriage equality’ banner, when they, perhaps in a Freudian way when they use that term, admit that their sexual activity is not identical to heterosexual sexual activity.”

So we all can and will keep you in prayer (indeed I already have), but none of us need to buy your unbiblical and unhelpful change of direction here.

Bill Muehlenberg, CultureWatch

Chrys Stevenson

11 thoughts on “Muehlenberg Goes too Far

  1. Daniel Sinnott

    I hope one or more of his kids are gay …. wait, no, I would’t wish the hatred of that bigoted prick on any kid.

  2. Louella

    I feel waves of nausea and incredulity competing to outdo each other at Muehlenberg’s heartless response. He can’t really be human, can he?

  3. Kevin

    “But it is quite remiss of you to take a personal tragedy and seek to get political mileage out of it, to push an agenda, or to seek to lay a guilt trip on those who disagree with you.”

    He condemned the email… then proceeded to do the exact same things.

  4. Shelley Stocken

    I can’t believe that gay people have coined a pejorative term for heterosexuals! Quick! Let’s make up some demeaning and abusive names for homosexuals before they gain the upper hand in their sinister and unbiblical plot to corrupt our children and take over the world. Ummmm… can anyone think of anything?

  5. cushla geary

    Well, I suppose we all know that bigotry carried to its ultimate levels allows no mercy – here we have the proof..

  6. Dave Frampton

    I think you do an excellent job in calling attention to comments like those of Bill Muehlenberg, which can only serve to highlight the point that Christians themselves have strongly opposing viewpoints on moral and ethical issues like marriage equality. This in turn can only remind us of the hollowness of claiming infallible biblical truth (or any other kind of infallible truth, for that matter)for any viewpoint along the spectrum. Such spurious dogmatic infallibilism aside, marriage equality is fundamentally a socially and politically negotiable issue, and I hope that those who keenly feel the injustice of the current situation can now take heart from the support they evidently have from many politicians as well as from the broader community.

  7. Narelle Stocks

    It is people (and I use that word with regret) like Muehlenberg who reinforce my belief in Atheism.


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