Innocence of the Muslims – a lamentable piece of digital doggerel

OK, I’ve been focused on Catherine Deveny all week so the Sydney riots kinda slipped past me. I’m just now catching up with the week’s news. First thing to do was to watch the trailer of this *shocking* film that has ignited protests throughout the world.

Seriously? SRSLY? THIS is what they’re rioting about? This piece of amateurish trash that would never have seen the light of day if they hadn’t made a big song and dance about it? SRSLY?

As one reviewer said:

“a third grader could have made a better looking movie. The scenes are obviously fake [and] the “so called” actors need to go back to their day jobs ….”

(For the record, I don’t agree with his criticism that the film is overly abusive of Mohammed – that’s the LEAST of its crimes against humanity!)

Anyone, ANYONE, who would riot, or, worse, kill over this lamentable piece of digital doggerel is obviously someone just waiting for the flimsiest excuse to make trouble. Clearly, their concern isn’t to limit the defilement of their beliefs but to spread the ‘blasphemy’ far and wide. If anyone is defiling Islam in this scenario, it’s the protestors who are making a mockery of their religion and causing international embarrassment to the Islamic community.

And if this post inspires anyone to issue a fatwa against me, you can back off.  I’m not worth the trouble. In fact, I’m generally a defender of the Islamic community here in Australia. In my view, they’re a lot less trouble than the fundamentalist Christians: they’re content to follow their religion without imposing it on others, they’re not stridently political like our friend Jim Wallace of the Australian Christian Lobby, and when one (or more) of their number steps out of line, they’re quick to condemn the transgression and disassociate themselves from the trouble-makers. If only Australia’s liberal Christians would do the same!

As far as this whole issue is concerned, I’m  having a hard time discerning what is most pathetic: the rabble-rousers who riot over a Z-grade YouTube video which has everyone laughing far more at the film-makers and actors than their target OR the talentless hacks involved in this tacky little film which has less technical merit than the wobbly-walled horror of the first series of Dr Who.

Fuck me dead, what’s the world coming to?

Chrys Stevenson

17 thoughts on “Innocence of the Muslims – a lamentable piece of digital doggerel

  1. Abbie Noiraude

    Thank goodness. I thought I was the only one. What a poor excuse to go on a killing spree ‘proving Islam is peaceful’. Pathetic.

  2. Daniel Sinnott

    As always in this type of thing, I would bet the vast majority of protestors haven’t seen this, or even know what it is about.

  3. Anton Kole

    And I thought making ‘death threats’ were illegal in Australia!? Does this now mean it’s ok to threathen to kill someone who annoys you!? I think Australian ethical standards may be dropping. Very sad indeed. 😦

  4. Zoe Ellen Brain

    Being fair to the actors… much of the dialogue was dubbed in afterwards. If you look, you can see that what they’re saying and what’s on the sound track differ markedly.

  5. Paul Mason

    Salman Rushdie all over again, the religous zealots causing trouble again…. and being a religious moderate just legitimises the fundamentalists of any religion…..just say No!

  6. fishwishwonders

    I was with you – I really was – until that dig at Dr Who. Eh, you’re insulting my childhood! My hero!! HOW DARE YOU?! I might just have to chuck a complete wobbly and go out raging on the street with a threatening placade…

  7. Michael Barnett

    I’ve seen better gay porn, and that’s saying something. Actually, a couple of the actors were quite easy on the eye… All up, reminiscent of a cross between Monty Python and Carry On. Oh, and I’d give you my biggest fatwa if that was any consolation. I’ve probably got a dozen out on me after pashing Gregory in front of the Jihadist f’nuckles at the GAC.

    1. Chrys Stevenson

      I decided not to moderate this comment, but, Mikey Bear if people with pitchforks and flaming torches assemble outside my gate tonight, IT’S ALL YOUR FAULT!

    1. Michael Barnett

      I actually had thought of putting on sequins but I was concerned they might betray you if they glimmered too brightly. On second thought though, you might dazzle them with your nocturnal brilliance.

  8. Tarwin Stroh-Spijer

    The main problem I can tell is that there is “states” which go by the law set forth by the religious leaders. If we had Christian states (in the same way we do Muslim ones) we would probably have similar problems.

    Could you imagine the furor over Monty Python’s “Meaning of Life”, or even worse “Life of Brain” in such a state? (I’m talking about a state run by hard-line militant Christians, even if a large part of the populace did not agree with them the state allows this to be the norm).


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