Mamamia Promotes Godless Goodness

matthews-baby-feature-picture-720x547Those of us involved with the Jode Matthews Cancer and Family Appeal are delighted to see Jode and Adam’s story shared today on Mamamia.

It’s a great boost for the Appeal, but also fantastic PR for the Australian atheist, skeptical and secular community which has dug deeply to contribute over $18,000 in  just 12 days to help fund vital medical treatment for Jode.

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Beautiful proof that you don’t need to be religious to be charitable:  “When prayer won’t cut it, practical people need to pitch in.”

“Fortunately for the Matthews …. their community has rallied around them in a touching show of solidarity and altruism.

“Other people might reach out to their church, their service club or sporting organisation,” Adam Matthews tells Mamamia. “When we realised that, in order to save Jode’s life, we needed far more money than we could manage, we reached out to the Australian secular and sceptical community.”

Read more here.

1 thought on “Mamamia Promotes Godless Goodness

  1. Angwla

    Good luck to, to the Jode Matthews appeal.
    I am not religious. I am not immoral, unethical or unintelligent. I love hearing what you have to say, Chrys.
    I am fully aware that when any of us make a public statement it becomes bigger than the context in which it was made. The internet is resplendent with examples.
    I admire the efforts of the secular/atheist/ community in this particular fundraising effort. It strikes me as being on parr with any fundraiser given for particularly emotive cases within the Australian community. Humanity is humanity. I’m tired of hearing the differences. Where do we meet?


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