Williams Article at Independent Australia

Photo courtesy Nelson Lau

This afternoon, Ron Williams, Hugh Wilson (Australian Secular Lobby) and I arrived in Canberra where Ron will, once again (Tuesday 6 May to Thursday 8 May), take on the Federal Government in the High Court over funding for the National School Chaplaincy Program.

I’ll be blogging as often as possible from Canberra and tweeting using the hashtag #HCC2. Please be sure to follow Ron and me on Twitter – @Chrys_Stevenson and @HighCourtNSCP.

This morning, online journal, Independent Australia published my article explaining why this new High Court Challenge has implications far beyond the continuation or abolition of the National School Chaplaincy Program; and why all Australians should wish Williams well, regardless of their views on chaplaincy.

Ron Williams’ High Court challenge – its not just about chaplaincy

Embedded in the article is a short, 15 minute video by Ron featuring his take on the case and the reasons why he decided to continue his fight.

We would be very grateful if you could share the link to the article widely among your networks – perhaps even blog about it if you can.

It’s important to dispel the myths about the case.

Ron is also in urgent need of financial support to meet his legal costs, so the more people who know about the importance of this case, the more chance of him receiving donations at his website:  http://highcourtchallenge.com

We’ll be very grateful for your help in promoting the link to the article.

If you support Ron in his challenge, please consider donating towards his legal costs. The costs awarded from the last case have not yet been paid and will not completely cover all his expenses. Money donated goes only towards paying legal fees. Please donate at:

Donations: High Court Challenge

Chrys Stevenson

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