Reality Bites Non-Fiction Literary Festival

From 25-28 July, I’ll be at the Reality Bites non-fiction literary festival at Cooroy on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast. I’d love you to join me there and I’ve negotiated early access to discounted tickets for my readers.

Here’s a sneak preview of the Festival Program

My sessions are:

Chrys BlueLittle tales of misogyny – 10am-11am, Sunday, 28 July, Cooroy Library ($15 or buy Festival Pass)

At Reality Bites I’ll be moderating a panel discussion on misogyny with Tanya Levin, prominent Australian feminist, Professor Ann Summers and Jeff Sparrow, left wing writer, social activist and author of several books including his latest, Money Shot: A Journey into Porn and Censorship. 

Conversation: Hillsong to Hard Time – 2pm – 3pm, Sunday 28 July, Cooroy Library ($15 or buy Festival Pass)

Later on Sunday afternoon, I’ll also be interviewing my dear friend, Tanya Levin, about her two non-fiction books: People in Glass Houses: An Insider’s Story of a Life In and Out of Hillsong and Crimwife: An Insider’s Account of Love behind Bars.

Workshop: Citizen Journalism – 12pm-3pm, Friday 26 July, Cooroy Library ($90 or buy a workshop package – see below)

As if all that wasn’t enough, I’ve put my hand up to host a workshop on citizen journalism. I’ll talk about the history and successes of citizen journalism and, in ‘real time’ I’ll show participants  how to start their own blog, I’ll discuss what makes a good blog post or online article, we’ll look at some different styles and genres, and I’ll give tips on getting your work published and using social media to maximise your audience. Participants will discuss what they’re passionate about, how they’d like to change the world, consider what makes them ‘unique’ and work on creating their own post to publish ‘live’ on a blog we’ll create together.  Importantly, we’ll also pay some attention to the responsibilities of being a citizen journalist, including tips on research, honesty in reporting, sorting out opinions from facts, fact checking, assessing the weight of evidence and linking to source material.  The workshop will be 3 hours and I’m hoping we’ll all have a lot of fun.

While I’m going to be immensely busy at Reality Bites, surprisingly, I’m not the ‘star turn’. 😉

The line-up is incredible and includes:

DevCatherine Deveny – Comedian, social commentator, television celebrity and l’enfant terrible, Catherine Deveny, will appear at a special event at the historic Majestic Theatre, Pomona on Friday evening, 26 July.

Dev plans to give us 10 easy lessons on how to Destroy the Joint (harking back to radio jock, Alan Jones’ famous complaint that Australian women are ‘destroying the joint’). Dev is riveting on stage and you just never know what she’s going to say next! You’ll be shocked, you’ll be entertained, you’ll be riveted, but most of all, you’ll be in awe of her energy, talent and passion. Don’t miss it. Really. Don’t. Miss. It.

Dev will also join the Destroying the Joint panel discussion hosted by festival organiser, Melanie Myers from 12.30pm-1.30pm on Saturday, 27 July at the Cooroy Library.

Alesa Lajana – Joining Catherine at the ‘Majestic’ event is the remarkable Alesa Lajana. Most recently, Alesa has been collecting stories to transform into songs of our shared black and white history. Alesa will  sing of hope, love and regret in a voice that will take your breath away.

As a special offer to my readers, you can purchase individual tickets (i.e. not part of a package) for the Majestic event for $35 (full price $40) until 11 May. If you can get together a group of six or more and pay together, we can do a little better. To take up this offer, contact Annette Hughes at (07) 5447 7063 and mention my name.

Mark Dapin – Mark is an award-winning author and highly experienced journalist whose latest book, Spirit House, was short-listed for the Miles Franklin award. Spirit House tells the story of Jimmy Reubens once a POW on the Thai-Burma Railway, but now the grandfather of a 13 year old grandson who helps him lay his ghosts to rest.

Chris SarraChris Sarra – Chris, Queensland’s ‘Australian of the Year’ in 2004, made his mark as the highly innovative principal of Cherbourg State School. His book, Good Morning, Mr Sarra tells of Chris’ fight to implement his ‘strong and smart’ philosophy into Cherbourg and, more broadly, to ensure that Aboriginal children ‘no longer hope for a better education; they can expect it.’ Chris will give the Festival Address at the Festival Launch on Thursday evening, 25 July at Cooroy Library.

Kristy Chambers, nurse and author of the hilarious Get Well Soon! My (Un)Brilliant Career as a Nurse  – (Kristy will be interviewed during a High Tea by my mad mate Vicki O’Brien whose own (un)brilliant career in nursing lasted less than an hour. It should be an hilarious event!)

Michelle Law – Michelle, sister of Benjamin Law, is an AWGIE award winning screenwriter  and a successful author in her own right. Recently, along with Catherine Deveny and a slew of other remarkable Australian women, Michelle was a contributor to Jane Caro’s Destroying the Joint: Why women have to change the world.

Matthew Condon – I once had morning tea with Sir Terence Lewis, just before the launch of the Fitzgerald Inquiry. I remember taking a perverse pleasure in asking him if he’d noticed the brothel just down the road from our meeting venue. Matthew Condon’s latest book, Three Crooked Kings, is the first of two explosive investigative accounts about former Queensland police commissioner Terry Lewis, and crime and corruption in Queensland and NSW over a half-century. Matthew is a prize-winning Australian author and journalist.

This is just a taste. Other writers appearing at the festival can be found here.

Special Offer for My Readers

Reality Bites is a terrific, intimate festival where you can really get up close and personal with the writers. I’d love my readers to come along and enjoy it as much as I have over the last three years. I’ve done some fast talking and some wrenching of hands behind backs and persuaded the organisers to open their ‘subscribers only’ offer to you.

As my readers, for a very short time (until 11 May), you have access to early bird, discounted ‘packaged’ tickets for the event before the tickets go on sale to the public. This means you can get in early for the popular sessions before they sell out.

Reality Logo

your personal invitation
reality bites festival ticket deals

Your chance to buy tickets before they go on sale to the public on 11 May
Early Bird Discounts available until 1 July
Buy Now

Secure your place to hear this year’s line up of visiting authors including:

Anne Summers   Catherine Deveny   Mark Dapin   Matthew Condon   Jim Hearn   Mary-Lou Stephens and many many more.

Take advantage of our package deals :

READER’S PACKAGE: SAVE $35 –  Reader’s Package Discount Price $130:
includes a Weekend Pass plus entry to the Festival Launch with Chris Sarra and Majestic Event featuring Catherine Deveny and Alesa Lajana at the fabulous Majestic Theatre.

(Includes festival launch, Majestic event, entry to main stage, conversation and close up sessions – but workshops not included).

WRITER’S PACKAGE: Immerse yourself in your craft.
SAVE $40 on a  Workshop 4-Pack  –  Discount Price $320: access to4 Workshops  (other sessions not included)
SAVE $35 on a Writer’s Package – Discount Price $200:  includes your choice of 2 Workshops and 2 Close Up Sessions. (other sessions not included). Only 25 tickets per workshop; these sell out quickly.

AFTERNOON TEA @ Tea-licious with Kristy Chambers and the effervescent Vicki O’Brien. Book early – will sell out! – $25 (not included in weekend or other packages). Only 35 tickets available

Confused? If you’re interested in attending for the whole long weekend and want to get a taste of all the festival has to offer, I’d recommend buying a Reader’s Package, then adding on a workshop and the afternoon tea event. Total cost would be: Package – $130; Workshop – $90; Afternoon Tea – $25; TOTAL: $245

Individual tickets go on sale on 11 May. A weekend pass is $90. That will give you access to the main stage, close up and conversation events but not to any workshops, the launch (with Chris Sarra), or the Majestic event (with Catherine Deveny). You can buy these separately and add on to your weekend pass, but check to see if a package would be more economical.

If you just want to pick and choose, and, perhaps, can’t make it for the whole weekend, you can attend individual main stage and close-up sessions for $15 each.

My 3 hour workshop is $90 if you don’t buy a package that includes workshops.

Buy Now
Individual tickets go on public sale 11 May

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