Q&A – Is teaching creationism child abuse?

“If you think about that, somehow saying that, well, anything goes, we shouldn’t offend religious beliefs by requiring kids to know – to understand reality; that’s child abuse.” – Lawrence M Krauss


Professor Lawrence M Krauss is appearing on Q&A next Monday along with Tanya Plibersek, Greg Hunt, and Dr John Dickson, Director of the Centre for Public Christianity.

One of Krauss’s pet topics is the idiocy of teaching creationism in the science classroom. In fact, he has equated it to child abuse.

I have it on good authority that Professor Krauss is aware of some of the problems we are facing here in Australia and it would be brilliant if we could get him to speak about it during Monday night’s Q&A.

So, can you please submit questions on this subject to Q&A.  Please, take a moment, go to this link and ask a question about the growing problem of creationism being taught in Australian schools or, more broadly, about the intrusion of religion generally into our public school system. If you like, you can even send in a video question.

Need inspiration? You might find these links helpful.

Life Matters – Creationism in Qld Schools

Faith in schools – the dismantling of Australia’s secular public education system by Chrys Stevenson

(To cut to the chase, search for “Creationism in the science classroom”)

Creationists hijack lessons and teach schoolkids man and dinosaurs walked together – news.com.au

If Q&A is bombarded with demands to canvass this topic, perhaps they’ll find it hard to refuse.

Chrys Stevenson

Ask a Question at ABC’s Q&A here.

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