A Christmas bonus – of sorts …

bonusI’m not big on Christmas presents, but today I got an unexpected Christmas bonus that really touched my heart. What’s more, I don’t have to worry about whether it fits the colour scheme, or whether I’ve got the cupboard space to store it.

Writer, broadcaster and feminist, Clementine Ford assembled a list of the 20 greatest moments for [Australian] women in 2012 for Fairfax newspaper’s Daily Life website. And there, at No. 18, is the article I wrote about Catherine Deveny’s appearance on Q&A on this very blog!

Considering this blog began as an extremely modest effort to direct web traffic to the  (then fledgling) Embiggen Books website, I have been thrilled and somewhat amazed at its growth over the past couple of years, and especially during 2012.

Clementine’s accolade is the icing on my Christmas cake and comes at a time when I definitely needed a little boost.

So, many thanks to Clem and to all of you who’ve discovered this little corner of the blogosphere, for your readership, friendship, comments, insight, encouragement, support, and compliments  during the year. And yes, thanks, too for the brickbats which made me think, or pound my head against the keyboard, but much more often made me laugh.

It’s been a blast and I look forward to continuing to Destroy the Joint when I’m back on deck in 2013.

Chrys Stevenson

11 thoughts on “A Christmas bonus – of sorts …

  1. Glen Mcbride

    Great news that you areso receptive Hope recovery is going well Warm and cheery greetings Glen & Helen ________________________________________

  2. Mish Singh

    Well done, Chrys. Your blog is one of my regular inbox treasures (along with the daily Crikey news). Have loved reading it since I discovered it a few months ago, and will continue reading it, plus recommending it to any other hoomans of like mind. Thanks. Just thanks. Look forward to more of your awesomeness :D.
    Mish x

  3. Leon Knight

    I am a new fan of your blog Chrys – thank you for opening my eyes to the pervasive sexism that has previously escaped me on Q&A…just one small criticism though, about ranking Tanner as equally as bad as Pyne and Akerman, even though his performance on the night was abysmal – it was still nowhere nears as bad as the other two….keep up the great work, and you deserved a higher ranking than 18 for 2012..!!


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