On Meryl Dorey, Woodford, vaccines, PR, Uncle Tom Cobley and all …

Readers who’ve been following my adventures doing battle with the organizers of Woodford Folk Festival and anti-vax campaigner Meryl Dorey may be interested in this rather rambling ‘candid’ interview with Peter Bowditch of the Ratbags Radio podcast.


Radio Ratbags:  Chrys Stevenson





5 thoughts on “On Meryl Dorey, Woodford, vaccines, PR, Uncle Tom Cobley and all …

  1. Annie

    Thank you for speaking so clearly, putting your point persistantly and for your absolute bravery in speaking the truth. I know what ‘it’ looks like when children are not immunised. I have worked for those who are a result of past ignorance et al. Unless you have met face to face a human who is so harmed, so destroyed by these preventable diseases, you have no idea.

    Thank you Chrys. Thank you. You are my hero.

  2. Phil Browne

    Thanks Chrys for the additional link to the podcast – I couldn’t get the initial link to work either, but the 2nd link worked fine.
    Admire your work and efforts 🙂


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