Jesus Christ! Another chaplaincy petition!

Evonne Paddison from Access Ministries wants this video shared as widely as possible.

What the hell! I have a pretty fair network. Jesus Christ! Why wouldn’t I help her out?

Poor old Evonne, plagued with yet another annoying High Court challenge which points out that the government is funding chaplaincy illegally. Surely, Jesus would be just delirious about having  money spent illegally in his name and chaplains breaking their promise not to proselytise in order to spread the Gospel in schools. Great PR for the old boy!

Now, Evonne’s pretty keen that you sign a petition supporting chaplains. But, as you can see from the video, she’s extra-peachy-keen for people to have a choice. So, I know she’ll support me in directing you towards another petition – one which has already garnered over 165,000 signatures. (Guess those chappies aren’t quite as popular as Evonne thinks!)

This petition points out that taxpayers’ money is being ploughed into chaplaincy providers which have decidedly homophobic attitudes. We can’t have that, can we?  It’s being presented on Monday. Perhaps you’d like to sign … and share?

Chrys Stevenson


13 thoughts on “Jesus Christ! Another chaplaincy petition!

  1. Mick

    Oh dear: “When will they never learn” – perhaps got that a bit wrong but never mind, they wouldn’t. I find this saga worrying. At a C of E village school in England in 1942, I was 8, the vicar gave out church missionary literature to us. When I took it home I thought we were going to have to call the fire brigade to hose mother down. Funny – we went to the Methodists after that – good move – they had better afternoon teas. Got the important things right anyway.

  2. palmboy

    The arrogance of some of these Chaplains is astounding. To think they have a right to infiltrate schools and to brainwash impressionable vulnerable children is emotional child abuse.

    If anyone else in society did this, it would not be tolerated – why does religion get special treatment?

  3. Paul

    Signed, not that I think it will have any effect. Abbott will continue to support, fund and promote proselytising until the law stops him.

  4. onemeremember

    My goodness. Have you seen the response since it was written up? Lots of views and I can’t see one response in support of it. 100 comments so far.

  5. Dana McGuire

    Is that woman stoned or what? I would love to see her prescription of meds from the doc.
    What a tripper!

  6. Robster

    Poor old Evonne. She’s sporting their famed silly, confused look that’s been perfected by Christian apologists over the years when they can’t answer questions. The one where they’re unable to look you in the eye and focus on something behind you while lying through their teeth.

  7. Julie McNeill

    If your kids want to learn about the Bible stories, they can go to the library, go on-line – ask their parents to send them to Sunday school. In Melbourne the Greek students had Greek school to learn their language and culture.


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