Williams – Update delayed

Sunday, 11 May, 8.15am 

For those anxiously awaiting my blog post on Ron Williams’ counsel’s closing argument in the matter of Williams vs the Commonwealth and Others over Federal funding for the National School Chaplaincy Program, I regret that it may not be up until much later this evening (Sunday, 11 May). 

This is the most important part of the case to report and the legal language is exceedingly dense. I have to try very hard not to misrepresent Walker’s intent, while ‘translating’ his comments into plain language and providing commentary so that my readers can understand the background to some of his statements.

It’s slow going and Walker’s address was long – around 15,000 words.

I have it down to a 7,000 word exposition but that’s way too long for a blog and I wouldn’t put you all through that. So, I must go about my day now – chiefly, get myself home from Brisbane – and when I’m home I’ll return to the task.

Let me say, however, that thanks to Walker’s brilliance – not mine – it will be well worth waiting for.

Again, sorry for the delay but the flu, the interruption of having to travel home and the enormity of the task have all conspired against me.

For those who can’t wait and think they can wade through the legalese, the transcript are here and here.


Chrys Stevenson

7 thoughts on “Williams – Update delayed

  1. John

    Thank you for the update. You truly have been the only reliable coverage. It is amazing, how little coverage this has received. This has gone way beyond a ‘Chaplains’ case.

      1. John

        Not to be selfish but you need to get better. You need to be ready to cover the judgement in 8-12 months. 😛

        Warning to others, if you didn’t follow ‘Williams 1’. The judgement took 10 months last time. Allowing for further written submissions.

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