Chrys on ABC Radio’s “Sunday Nights” program

Chrys Corporate CropI’m delighted to announce that tonight (Sunday, 22 September) I’ll be participating in a panel discussion on religion and politics on ABC Local Radio’s “Sunday Nights with John Cleary” (hosted in Cleary’s absence by Noel Debien). 

Also on the panel are Father Frank Brennan (Catholic Church), Reverend Brian Brown (Uniting Church of Australia) and Lyle Shelton (Australian Christian Lobby).

I will not, of course, be ‘representing’ any collective ‘atheist’ or ‘secularist’ viewpoint. I can speak only for myself. But I hope that I can provide a balanced (hopefully well informed!) secular perspective on the issue which belies the ‘angry atheist’ stereotype while still arguing assertively that secularism benefits all citizens, of all faiths and of none.

The program will be recorded and broadcast live tonight from 10pm. I’ll be doing my ‘bit’ from the ABC’s Southbank studio in Brisbane with other guests participating from other studios throughout the country.

You can listen live from the Sunday Nights web page, or wait for the program to be podcast.

The show allows ‘talkback’ via phone, SMS or twitter.

Phone: 1300 800 222
SMS: 0467 922 702
Twitter: #johncleary

Your comments and support would be appreciated!

Chrys Stevenson

The podcast of the show is available here: Sunday Nights

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15 thoughts on “Chrys on ABC Radio’s “Sunday Nights” program

  1. Glenn Crouch

    Good luck Chrys, you’re a braver (and smarter) person than me to be willing to share the radio spectrum with any representative from the ACL. 😉 Look forward to hearing the discussion (after I’ve taken some blood pressure medication).

  2. Jayel

    What a great opportunity! You don’t need luck, you have rational and clear-headed thinking as your ‘weapon’. With the somewhat more secularly minded Frank Brennan as another guest, hopefully it should be possible to emphasise that a thoroughly secular society is best for the religious and irreligious alike and to dispel the myth that atheists, humanists and secularists are seeking to prevent theists from having their faith. Of course, you’ll probably need a stiff drink before subjecting yourself to the inevitable whining, kicking and screaming from the likes of the ACL representative who no doubt considers removal of their unwarranted privileges as tantamount to persecution…

  3. Brian Wilder

    Dear Chrys,

    This program is broadcast every week in Sydney, Sunday nights 10pm, right after the news, on one of the ABC’s main NSW stations, 702. I always thought it was a national broadcast.

    You’re one brave lady ! I often tune into this program on Sunday night for a while, but it is always so biased and loaded with loony Christians that I soon turn the radio off. Rarely, if ever, is any secular point of view offered.

    The moment one of Cleary’s panellists starts talking about ‘new atheists’, I know the discussion will be intellectually challenged – i.e. dumbed down. Challenged, not challenging. They are talking about people like me, and I’ve been an atheist for over 55 years, before most of his panellists were even born. So have folk like Dawkins and Hitchens etc. There is nothing NEW about us !

    In fact, most of Cleary’s guests are really new ‘born again’ Christians, who received their initial exposure to religion in an environment of organised indoctrination. I’ve never yet met an atheist who didn’t arrive at his/her position though intellectual debate and study and not by social inculcation.

    It seems obvious to me that had these religious folk been born in our neighbour to the north, they’d be fundamental Muslims now or further west and they’d be Buddhists.

    This ABC bias extends to most of its religious programming. When did Geraldine Doogue last touch on secular humanism or atheism ? I can only recall when she interviewed AC Grayling. Just take a look to at its Religious and Ethics Newsletter. Sadly, mostly gibberish.

    Given that the last census showed that at least one third of the population had no religion, this is not representative at all. Why don’t we have an ABC Secular Humanist and Ethics newsletter ?

    Watch out for the Jesuit Brennan. He has said on National TV, twice, as has Pell, that he would go to jail rather than report a confession to the Police he has taken as a Priest for say sexual abuse of a child. He would give his support to the ‘Seal of Confession’ under Cannon law over and above his duty and obligation under Australian Common law. Well, then lets lock the bastards up.

    I believe legislation is underway in Ireland, following their 9 year Judicial Inquiry into child sexual abuse, to remove priests from any kind of confessional protection. The same is well over due here, and hopefully the wave of disgust following the two State Inquires and the Royal Commission will ensure that it happens here too.

    From find Law UK;

    In the Republic of Ireland, proposals have recently been announced in 2011 to make failure to report an allegation of child abuse a crime, even if it was made during a confession. These proposals were prompted by several sex abuse scandals, but have caused controversy on the grounds that such a law would compromise the Seal of the Confessional.

    Good luck tonight. Sock it to them !

    Best wishes,

    Brian Wilder


  4. Soph

    Chrys not sure why you went to this, they made you look like an angry atheist that doesn’t accept peoples views, you were cut off twice.

  5. Glen Mcbride

    Congratulations Chrys We had two beautiful little girls, 5 & 3.5 staying Sunday delivered home that evening leaving us too exhausted to turn on the computer – we missed it but will try downloading when free. Cheerily Glen


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      1. Team Oyeniyi

        I realised as I hit the “post” button you already had a pingback! You didn’t deed my comment. 🙂

        Serves me right for using tiny phone screen!

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