Tara Moss, media, misogyny, Mamamia and me

904092-tara-mossLast year I wrote an article on gender bias in the Australian media. Conceived and commissioned by Jane Gilmore of The King’s Tribune, “The Blokeyness Index” looks at the representation of women (as journalists and as subjects) on the front pages of Australia’s mainstream newspapers.

The results, although disappointing, were no surprise. In broad terms the ratio of men to women on the front pages of our print media is consistently around 70 per cent to 30 per cent. That ratio is repeated in studies conducted throughout the Western world.

Recently, Tara Moss was struck by this very same bias on the front page of The Age. She blogged about it and, today, her article has been published by Mamamia.

I’m very chuffed that the research I did for “The Blokeyness Index” receives a mention.

Tara Moss: On Feminism and the Age of Invisibility – Mamamia

It’s so hard to raise consciousness about these kinds of issues and it’s great that someone with Tara’s profile is using Mamamia to spread the word.

Chrys Stevenson

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