Children Raised by Same-Sex Couples Seek Political Audience

rainbow familyHow often have we heard politicians who are opposed to same-sex marriage whine, “What about the children? We have to think about the children!

It makes you wonder how many children raised by same-sex parents they’ve actually met. It makes you wonder whether they have read any of the many studies which show that children raised by same-sex parents do every bit as well as those raised by heterosexual couples.

The majority of Australians support equal marriage and politicians who still harbour doubts about the wisdom of voting in favour of it have a responsibility to inform themselves fully on this issue – not just vote based on their own, preconceived prejudices.

Recently, Shelley Argent of PFLAG Queensland  (Parents and Friends of Lesbians and Gays) issued invitations to our federal MPs and Senators to meet with her and some young people, raised in same-sex families. The response has been nothing short of underwhelming.

It seems our political representatives need a bit of a kick up the proverbial arse – and that’s where you come in, dear readers.

Could you take a little time over the next couple of days to write to your political representatives and ask them to do what they’re paid for – represent you and spend some time actually talking to the people they’re making decisions for.

I’ve written to my political representatives today. You may wish to copy or amend my letter as you see fit:

Dear …..

I was disappointed to hear that, despite sending invitations to Senators and MPs to meet with her in Canberra on 28 or 29 May,  Shelley Argent of PFLAG Queensland is having difficulty getting our political representatives to respond.

Ms Argent has sent letters of request to MPs and Senators to meet with her and with Maya, Nick and Tallay, three young adults who want to tell their stories to those who worry about the children in same sex families. 

As a Queenslander and one of the majority of Australians who supports equal marriage, I would like to ask you to meet with Ms Argent during her stay in Canberra and to encourage your fellow party members and senators to do likewise. Shelley Argent can be contacted at:

Chrys Stevenson (Ms.)
(Address and phone number supplied)

If you’re unsure of who represents you, you can click this link and type your postcode into the box provided.

Generally, senators email addresses follow the format: – It may be slightly different for those with common names e.g.

It would be great if my readers could help with this. Let’s try to persuade our political representatives to inform themselves fully on this incredibly important issue of justice and equality for all Australian citizens.

Chrys Stevenson

9 thoughts on “Children Raised by Same-Sex Couples Seek Political Audience

  1. Gladly, the Cross-Eyed Bear: Assorted Rants on Religion, Science, Politics and Philosophy from a bear of very little brain Post author

    Andrew Laming MP has said he won’t meet with Shelley and the young people who have first hand experience of being brought up by same-sex parents. He has said he is willing to read research on the subject. What better way to supplement research than to actually meet with and speak to the real human beings whose lives are affected by your policies, Mr Laming. Please reconsider your position.

  2. Peter Bartley

    I have an issue. What has getting married got to do with having children. They are separate issues. You don’t need to be married to have kids and you don’t necessarily have have kids when you get married. This is a diversion from the real issue. The real issue is some ppl find gay sex discomforting so they make up reasons that are trying to be pc but are just a cover for being bigoted.

    1. Brian Alexander

      Peter, funny, I was just going to comment on the same issue, but in the form of a question. Do opponents of same-sex marriage who use the ‘consider the children!’ argument imagine that same-sex couples are more likely to have kids if they can get married, or less likely if they can’t get married? If this is the ostensible basis of the argument, can anyone tell me any reasons why they might think this to be so? That is, are there reasons to think that same-sex couples are more likely to have children if same-sex marriage is legalised? I would appreciate anyone’s thoughts on this as I have always thought that it was such a patently weak argument that I must be missing something.

      1. Peter Bartley

        I believe it is a red herring arguement. It is an arguement that is designed to hijack a discussion and hide the real argument. Their real arguement is they dont like gay sex (they find it icky) and as such no one should be doing it.

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