Atheist Morality vs Christian Morality

I’m delighted to announce that, over the next 12-18 months I’ll be working with Professors Tom Arcaro and Duane McClearn of Elon University, North Carolina on analyzing and writing about the results of Tom’s international atheist survey, “Better understanding the world of atheists”.

The survey, undertaken earlier this year, elicited over 8000 responses – nearly 10 per cent of those from Australia and New Zealand.

Tom has set up the Serving Atheists blog so that we can, progressively, communicate the results of the survey to respondents and the public and we invite your feedback. Ultimately, it’s envisaged that the survey will form the basis for a series of articles and, perhaps, a book.

I’ve just published my first blog post on the Australasian responses to the first question on atheist vs Christian morality. I hope you’ll find the results as interesting as I did!

The morality question – the Australasian response

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