Screw unto others: Campbell Newman’s compassion disability

You would think in a government top heavy with evangelical Christians, there might at least be some pretence at following Christ’s message to ‘do unto others as you would have them do unto you’.

Instead, in the case of Premier Newman et al, the motto seems to be ‘screw unto others‘ – especially in respect to the National Disability Insurance Scheme.

I received a note from GetUp this week, urging me to write to my local member about the LNP’s refusal to join the rest of the states in funding this important scheme.

I understand from GetUp that Queensland currently spends less on people with disabilities than any other state in the country. That’s pretty disgraceful.

While Premier Newman says Queensland can’t afford an NDIS, that seems to be untrue, given that the Productivity Commission found it will save money by adding significantly to our GDP.

Since taking office, the LNP has withdrawn money from an important, successful and long-standing HIV/AIDS prevention program. It has also removed funding for a Townsville group which taught literacy skills to female, indigenous inmates in Townsville jail with the aim of preventing recidivism.  Meanwhile, Newman and his band of happy clappers have happily paid out $80 million to help the already wealthy racing industry and another $1 million to top up funding for the unresearched, unproven, discriminatory and unnecessary National School Chaplaincy Program. The LNP is also  happy to spend money on a High Court case they’re almost certain to lose, in an attempt to protect their cash-cow, Clive Palmer’s,  profits from the mining tax. But, when it comes to helping disabled Queenslanders, suddenly, there’s no money!

So, I wrote to my local member, Peter Wellington  (Nicklin – Independent) saying that I was sure he would support the National Disability Insurance Scheme and if it was any help, he had my support.

Unbeknowns to me, Mr Wellington had already spoken on the NDIS in Parliament and I was delighted to read that we were in agreement on this issue.  It made my heart swell to read the words of a politician who actually has the best interests of his electorate, and the people of this state, at heart.  All I can say to Campbell Newman and his heartless happy clappers is, if Jesus was half the man his followers believe him to be, he has far more in common with Peter Wellington than any of you. You should be ashamed of yourselves.

Here’s Peter Wellington on the NDIS from Hansard:

Mr WELLINGTON (Nicklin—Ind) (6.14 pm): I rise to support the motion that Queensland support the proposed trial of a National Disability Insurance Scheme. Tonight we can do something, not just pass the baton and blame someone else. We can follow the lead and join other states in trying to take that very first step of improving the lot for people with disabilities around Australia. Just as the member for Gympie said, it is the first step. It is not the last; it is simply the first step.

A number of government speakers have said, ‘We have no money. We can’t afford it.’

The Premier wrote to me some time ago and said, ‘Give me some suggestions.’

Can I say: put the ‘for sale’ signs up in the Mary Valley tomorrow. That would generate income. Stop the ridiculous High Court challenge to the mining resource rent tax.

[Opposition members interjected.]

Madam SPEAKER: Order, members! The member with the call is not taking the interjections. I call the member for Nicklin.

Mr WELLINGTON: Another government speaker said, ‘Take the money from Nicklin.’

Well, the government has. It has stopped the funding of the disability access improvements for the Nambour Railway Station. Shame on the government! It was planned and justified, but what did the government say?

‘Sorry. We will consider it in the future.’

So they have taken funding from the electorate of Nicklin.

I say to the Premier and his government, who say there is no money: put the ‘for sale’ signs up in the
Mary Valley tomorrow so we can have the trial in Gympie. It is very simple.

[Mr Gibson interjected.]

Mr WELLINGTON: I am not taking interjections from government members. Put the ‘for sale’ signs up tomorrow, stop the ridiculous banter to the High Court in relation to federal government’s proposed mining resource rent tax. That would represent another significant saving. I look forward to the opposition members continuing with the debate.


A brilliant speech from Peter Wellington but, sadly, Mr Newman and his gang are simply not listening. Drunk with power, they don’t care one jot about the people of this state – especially those who are different or disadvantaged.

On Sundays these happy clapping pollies rock up to their churches, raise their hands in the air, sway to Christian music and delude themselves that they are God’s chosen people – that they are the ones standing on the moral high ground. Oh, the self-satisfied Sunday smirks as they shake hands with the pastor and bask in the warmth of their own importance.

But the rest of us can clearly see them for what they are – they are the kinds of people that Jesus despised. They are the kinds of people from whom Jesus wanted to wrest power. They are the scribes and the pharisees. They are the people who care more for themselves, their status and their power than the plight of the poor, the sick, the disabled and the marginalised.

 And. The. Hypocrisy. Sickens. Me.

Chrys Stevenson

GetUp:  Ask your Queensland MP to tell Campbell Newman to fund the NDIS.

And, just to put the LNP’s frenzied cost-cutting into perspective:  Newman Government delivers Gold Coast racing upgrade

11 thoughts on “Screw unto others: Campbell Newman’s compassion disability

  1. Jayel

    What’s this about an extra million to the NSCP? Is this funding for the Qld version that was in existence before Howard’s pork-barrelling exercise? Don’t these organisations already get enough from the public purse? Not that I’m actually surprised.

    Don’t forget Newman and his band of reverse Robin Hoods have, among other things, also cut funding to Fanfare, a wonderful biennial showcase of young musical talent which cost just $88,000. Also consider the LNP call to remove climate change science from the school curriculum. We will be turned into a culture-less, tree-less, heart-less, joyless wasteland of tunnels, mines, high-rises and hallelujahs…makes me feel like packing my bags.

    And your last sentence is spot-on. The hypocrisy is truly nauseating.

    1. Tess

      I couldn’t agree more Jayel! Spot on and well said.
      I wish mainstream media were really the ‘media’ when it comes to these matters of politics and the politician’s. Especially when itcomes to the use of wealth for power, instead of their position’s for the care of the people.
      Like Chrys said “It sickens me!” Really I feel sick in my stomach with this man in charge of our state of Queensland. I get so mad at the religious fundamentalist that hold up their banners of righteousness, following the deception of Chambel’s illusion’s. He’s a demagogue who prey’s upon the fears and prejudices of other’s.

  2. SpiritWolf84

    This whole cutting of the disability services thing is just not on. It’s all part of a bigger, more worldwide plan (same with Carbon Tax, and reality TV. Think about it, more and more TV shows that have no educational value are being aired to dumb us all down). I won’t go into details here unless people ask, however I will tell you Mainstream Media is owned and censored by the people who truly run the world, Our politicians are only puppets, however they need to start accounting for their actions, and the people who pull their strings, before it’s too late.

    I always enjoy reading this column.

    1. SpiritWolf84

      To add on to this, I can’t even begin to imagine what will happen to organisations who assist the disabled and disadvantaged once this comes into place. I know there are alot of said organisations (as well as homes) around here. A very sad state indeed.

  3. rigbyte

    Dearly Beloved Chrys.
    Reading your superb Blog sends shivers down my spine – of admiration for you, your research, your humanity and your communication skills. I’m sending it to my Representative – David Gibson. No, don’t laugh, I think he can read.
    This is the best piece of free-thinking I’ve read for ages. Thanks.
    Yes, Bill W, we are well on a track winding back to that old familiar crap – “to him that has shall be given to he that has not shall be taken away”.

  4. bryan milner

    Just to even things up a bit, of course a national disability scheme is desirable but its fundamentally fraudulent (on Gillard’s part) to try to get all the kudos for introducing it without addressing how it’s going to be funded for the long term. I see lots of complaints about cuts but no one volunteering to pay the extra taxes required. (and by the way, the others left QLD a massive deficit)

    1. Jayel

      Perhaps religious organisations will voluntarily relinquish their tax exemptions to raise some extra revenue……or, not…

  5. g2-5bba245eb6db01d36e28de6648a6336a

    I am told that in the same week that CN said Queensland was bankrupt and could not afford to help disabled people how found some $80 million dollars to subsidize horse racing in Queensland.

    I may be wrong but I get the feeling CN believes as many new fundamentalist churches teach that the sick and disabled are that way because it is a punishment from God for lack of faith on their part or a punishment for the sins of their parents.

    Regardless it is a sick society that supports the gambling of the rich over health care for the most needy.

    1. Vance

      Press release from Steve Dickson (Minister for National Parks, Recreation, Sport & Racing) :

      “Mr Dickson said funding for the redevelopment project was provided as part of the LNP’s $110 million commitment for racing infrastructure improvements.”

      “Mr Dickson said works in the first stage of the GCTC project included renovations of the existing grandstand lounge, bar and restaurant facilities.”

      Note the Edmund Burke quotation at the bottom of the page : “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.”


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