Urgent – Hold the PM’s Feet to the Fire on School Chaplaincy

Your votes urgently needed to put a question to the PM on National School Chaplaincy

Today is Wednesday, 18 July. We have one day to act on this. 

On July 21st, Deakin University, Google+, Fairfax and OurSay are hosting an Australian first: Prime Minister Julia Gillard will answer questions from the public  in a “Google Hangout”, an internationally live web broadcast.

David Nicholls from the Atheist Foundation of Australia has posted a question for the PM on her government’s continued support for the National School Chaplaincy Program.

“Dear Prime Minister. Against the strongly expressed concerns of mental health professionals, teacher unions and secular organisations, why do you allow the outrageous situation to continue where largely unqualified, religious evangelists have access to young children in public schools, in the form of the National School Chaplaincy Program? ”

The three people who ask the most popular questions will join Prime Minister Julia Gillard for a Hangout moderated by Fairfax political reporter Misha Schubert.

Currently, the NSCP question is ranked number four and we urgently need more votes to bring it up into the top three.

Each voter gets 7 votes which you can allocate as you wish. You can vote 7 times for the same question if you want – and I hope you’ll do that!

You also have the opportunity to post a comment about the NSCP and your objections to it.

It is a bit of a palaver if you’re not already registered with Our Say, but please take the time to register and vote. This is an excellent opportunity to show the PM the high level of public outrage over the chaplaincy program.

Here’s the link to David Nicholl’s question:  http://oursay.org/hangout-with-the-prime-minister/dear-prime-minister-47

Remember you can vote 7 times. Just keep clicking ‘VOTE’ until it says you have no votes left.

Chrys Stevenson

5 thoughts on “Urgent – Hold the PM’s Feet to the Fire on School Chaplaincy

      1. Lefty Matt

        Yup, I’m registered. Registered with OurSay back in February. It says it records my vote but doesn’t decrement the counter.

        I’ll see if I can contact their service people. I want to spend all my 7 votes on this question.

  1. Robert Tobin

    Prime Minister, I am a bedraggled refugee from the “Holy” Roman Catholic Church, now a Proud Atheist. You are Atheist. Stand up against Religion. Australia is not a Christian Country and no religion should get any favours and tax breaks from the Government. The lies and fables in the Bible must never be taught to children, We don’t want them poisoned by the GOD VIRUS.


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