Who’ll come a-waltzing Matilda with me?

I’m very proud to announce my writing debut on the New Matilda. New Matilda is a crowd-sourced online political journal and I have to say I’ve been very impressed by their professionalism.

I guess that’s one of the reasons they’ve been able to attract such great writers.  Contributors include:

and many more.

My article, The Happy Clappers who run Queensland focuses on the evangelical forces within Queensland’s Liberal National party.

During the Civil Unions debate last year, Anna Bligh said:  “The religious right has taken over the National Party. Bruce McIver and his cronies are running it.”

You might be surprised to read who agrees with her!

I hope you enjoy the article.  While you’re at the New Matilda site, take a look around and consider subscribing. It’s quite reasonable at around $8 a month.

Hopefully they’ll let me write for them again soon.

Chrys Stevenson

4 thoughts on “Who’ll come a-waltzing Matilda with me?

  1. Jayel

    Yes, indeed – congratulations! I already saw your article and, although wonderfully written (as usual), the content made my heart sink like a stone. Not that I didn’t already know about McIvor and his band of merry(?) mayhem-makers; perhaps my dismay was compounded by the melancholy I feel at Campbell Newman’s (unsurprising) watering-down of the civil union legislation to ‘appease the Christians’. It really makes me think ‘just why the hell do these curmudgeonly, petulant kill-joys need to be pandered to?’ Makes me ashamed to be a Queenslander.

  2. Abbie Noiraude

    Thank you for your piece and congratulations on your foreray into New Matilda. Hope you get a permanent place in its pages.

    What you have written here frightens the devil out of me.

    If these ‘Christians’ did not have money then how much power could they really wield? AND the fact that ‘Christians’ have that much money proves they are actually NOT “Christians” ( according to their Lord) at all.

    I am so sick of this fight Chrys, and so must you be, against this hating, xenophobic, cruel, homophobic and nasty group of Australians.
    I hope (if there was a god, which there isn’t) that their God damns them for their pride, cruelty and dabbling into politics.

  3. Veronique

    Congrats as well Chrys. It saddens me more than I can say to live here in Scotland watching the rise of religion in my home country. We had always thought of Queensland as the Deep North when I was living south of the border in Mullumbimby, but reading your article makes my heart sink together with Jayel’s.

    Some evangelical fellow from Adelaide commented on my post re: Same sex marriage and the Church of England’s dummy spit. Hillsong Church was the first to horrify me. It seems to be spreading like wild fire. I dread the new dark age and hope I will be no more when its tentacles have encircled anything of value.

    I don’t know how to combat the impotence that I feel reading about the new religious right that is subsuming liberal countries everywhere. So sad.


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