Cat and Mouse Games in the High Court of Australia

Following my series of blogs and Drum article on the High Court Challenge against the National School Chaplaincy Program, I’ve undertaken to write two follow-up articles on the implications of the case.

The first looks at the impact the States’ intervention may have on the way the Commonwealth government operates.

The second (still in progress) looks at the possible implications of the Williams case on the NSCP itself – whether or not Williams wins.

I’m very honoured that both ABC’s The Drum and Religion and Ethics website have agreed to publish the first article, with an option for the second when it’s completed.

“States play ‘cat and mouse’ in High Court Chaplaincy Challenge” went up on the Religion and Ethics website today (and should appear on The Drum later in the week).

The issues tackled in the article are very complex, but I’ve tried hard (oh, you don’t know how hard I tried!) to present them in an accessible and entertaining way. If I’ve achieved my aim, you’ll find it both enjoyable and informative.

Chrys Stevenson

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