Reasonable People – Review of The Australian Book of Atheism

Peter Kirkwood has reviewed The Australian Book of Atheism in today’s edition of The Australian. Here’s an extract:

“MY perception of contemporary atheism is strongly coloured by its high-profile proponent Richard Dawkins.

While in agreement with much of his argument for atheism and his criticism of religion, I often find his tone alienating. When he’s in strident anti-religion mode, his rhetoric is tinged with the same sort of fundamentalist fervour he finds so abhorrent in his religious opponents. So I approached this book with some trepidation, but I was pleasantly surprised. It is very readable and, for the most part, reasonable in tone. And it’s enlightening both in the content of individual essays and in the wide range of voices and points of view expressed.”

You can read the whole review here.

To say we’re delighted with the review would be a huge understatement.  Our deep and abiding thanks to all of those who have inspired and supported Warren and me and the other contributors and editors through the writing and production process.  And a special thanks, of course, to our publisher, Scribe, who showed such faith in us.

We are so proud of this book and absolutely delighted that it’s receiving such a positive reception from both readers and reviewers.

Chrys Stevenson

The Australian Book of Atheism is available online from Embiggen Books and from all good bookstores, including Borders, Readings, ABC Shops, Mary Ryan and others.

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